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Clouded Leopards Are the Best Animals Ever Created: 10 Reasons Why

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The Central Park Zoo’s new snow leopard cubs are the toast of New York, and for good reason. They’re the first snow leopards ever born in Central Park, and they’re friendly, fluffy and totally adorable.

They are not, however, clouded leopards … which is too bad, because clouded leopards are objectively the best cat the animal kingdom has ever produced.

Don’t believe us? Here are 10 facts that will change your mind.

Clouded leopard kittens look like stuffed animals come to life

Don’t you just want to snuggle with it?

Their unusual spot pattern makes them look as if they’re wearing snakeskin all the time

But it’s just fur.

Their eyes are incredibly entrancing

We could get lost in them.

National Geographic calls the clouded leopard “beautiful” and “mysterious”

So they’re basically the Jordan Catalano of cats.

But in captivity, they are super friendly and sociable

THIS JUST IN: Zookeeper applications skyrocket after America watches adorable clouded leopard YouTube video.

They are halfway between the big cats (lions, tigers) and the small cats (ocelots), which makes them the best of both worlds

Clouded leopards don’t purr or roar. Imagine that!

The San Diego Zoo describes their sound as “a soft chuffle”

We don’t even know what that means, but if a clouded leopard is doing it, that means it’s cute.

They are some of the best tree-climbers in the animal kingdom

Big Cat Rescue notes that the snow leopard is capable of “running down trees head-first and climbing branches horizontally with its back towards the ground, and even [hanging] upside down by its hind legs.”

Because when you tell people clouded leopards are your favorite animal people will ask you, “You mean snow leopards?” and you will laugh and laugh and laugh


And finally, because they are 30 pounds of pure joy

How could they not be your favorite animal?

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