Alison Schwartz
February 24, 2014 01:00 AM

Wait, there’s more to life than figure skating?

Sure, the Winter Games are over, but there’s plenty of action on the streets of Hollywood and beyond.

Here’s what you missed this weekend if you were too busy perfecting your triple lutz:

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5. Katy Perry Really Did Kiss a Girl

” “” “” “0” ]Hope her boyfriend don’t mind it! Perry puckered up to Miley Cyrus during the latter’s Saturday’s tour stop in Los Angeles. While singing “Adore You,” Cyrus slinked off the stage to lock lips with Perry, who was in the front row. Watch how Perry reacted.

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4. The Most Heartwarming Story of the Weekend

” “” “” “0” ]Ali Fedotowsky didn’t leave Sochi without a few furry friends: The former Bachelorette star (who was working as an Olympic correspondent for E! News) rescued two dogs and brought them back to L.A. with her on Saturday. Fedotowsky teamed up with Katherine Heigl and her mom Nancy to bring home the pups, who are currently at a vet (one pooch has a cough and the other has canine parvovirus). All about their rescue mission.

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3. As If You Needed Another Reason to Love Justin Timberlake

” “” “” “0” ]At this point, we’re just wondering if there is something Timberlake can’t do. Case in point: the singer once again joined forces with Jimmy Fallon on Friday’s Tonight Show, and the dream team busted out the fifth installment of their “History of Rap” series. Best video ever!

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2. 10 Years Later: Why We Still Love Sex and the City

” “” “” “0” ]It’s been 10 years since the series finale of Sex and the City aired Feb. 22, 2004, which was many, many cosmopolitans ago. We’re still living through voice-of-reason Carrie Bradshaw’s words of wisdom though – which is why you’ll never catch us wearing scrunchies. 11 more SATC life lessons.

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1. The Only Photos You Need to See from the Closing Ceremony

” “” “” “0” ]Sunday’s toast to the Winter Olympics was a showcase of music, art and even a well-played joke about the opening ceremony’s ring fail. The visuals were as stunning as the performances – we’d give it a gold medal if we could. The 10 best pics.

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