Alex Heigl
May 05, 2014 06:45 PM

They’re not quite as fearsome as bulls, but they’re as majestic in their own way.

Chandler, Ariz.’s annual Cinco de Mayo Celebration was held Saturday, and part of the festivities was the popular Chihuahua race, which culminated in the crowning of the king and queen of Chihuahuas. Enjoy these 9 pictures from the event as you prepare to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with your own (probably human) crew.

Washington, D.C. has its own “Chihuahua Run” as well. This participant’s name is Pea Pie. (No, for real.)

Scooter here won best-dressed in D.C. His victory has a touching back story: Despite a broken back, he was adopted from a shelter in 2011.

Scooter, pre-costume change.

Contestant Lucy, who either loves having her costume adjusted or positively hates it.

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