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Child Singer Jackie Evancho's Dog Loves to Roll in Duck Poo

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At the ripe old age of 11, Jackie Evancho has accomplished an incredible amount. She wowed judges and audiences on America’s Got Talent last year with her adult-like soprano. Evancho was the second place winner on the show and will soon release her latest album, Dream With Me, out June 14.

The young singer also has a great love for animals (she was recently named an ambassador for the Humane Society of the United States). Just how much love has she got?

“I currently have three dogs, two cats, one lizard, three frogs, one crayfish, three ducks, two guinea pigs … and that’s it,” Evancho tells in an exclusive video.

While it’s hard for her to name a favorite among the 15 animals, Evancho says that her dog, Boo, has a special place in her heart.

“He’s my dog – my personal dog – and he actually looks up to me a lot,” she says. “It makes me feel really good.”

A few of the animals like to play with each other, and Boo has a thing for the ducks.

“He loves to roll in the ducks’ poo,” Evancho says. “I have to wash him off afterwards, so I’m washing him a lot more now. The ducks scare the dogs, actually!”

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