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Chew On This: Organic Dog Toys Make Mouths Happy

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Dogs chew everything – mine has been known to get into socks, slippers, pillows and even the kitchen wallpaper. So naturally they’re going to chew whatever toys we give them, but how do we necessarily know what they’re munching on? Are toys safe for your dog’s delicate tummy? Housing Naturals, an eco-minded company, has created Simply Fido, a line of organic pet toys that are totally healthy for your furry friend. Made from and stuffed with 100 percent non-toxic cotton, the toys are dyed with the company’s PureWaterWash system using plant and mineral extracts to color the fabrics. A variety of reasonably priced, adorable plush toys are available – from squeaky bunnies, monkeys and caterpillars to lizards, lambs and teddy bears – plus a line of knit animals and a new collection of hemp characters (pictured). Who knew eco-friendly could be so adorable?
Kate Hogan