People Staff
May 18, 2012 07:45 PM

It’s rare to see Cee Lo Green without cat Purrfect at his side, having recently appeared together on the cover of Fast Company and the second season of The Voice.

The reality judge wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I was very familiar with cats before I found Purrfect. I know this sounds crazy but I had, like, 20 cats when I was a kid,” he tells PEOPLE.

“We started out with two cats,” he continues. “My mother named them Pixie and Dixie, and I don’t know how, [but] we ended up with 20 cats.”

Since then, Cee Lo’s found a special kinship with his one and only kitten costar.

“She’s a special cat. Cats are usually careless – or they could care less – but she seems to be pretty compassionate,” he says.

Their successful working relationship also led the two to team up for a remix of the Meow Mix jingle for charity, with proceeds benefiting the PAWS/LA organization.

To check out the making of the jingle, check out the video above.

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