Amy Jamieson
May 16, 2017 02:26 PM

When her 5-year-old cat Penny jumped out of an RV at a gas station near the Oklahoma-Missouri border during a road trip, Cherrell Bishop hoped someone “with a good heart” would help the missing feline get back home.

That’s exactly what happened, reports Sacramento’s FOX 40 news, but the little kitty still needs help making the lengthy 1,500 mile journey back home to Bishop in California.

The station reports that Penny clocked some serious miles — about 200 of them! — after she escaped the RV. She eventually came into the yard of the Givens family of Yukon, Oklahoma, who are currently trying to get her home.

“I called the number on the [cat’s] tag and discovered Penny had escaped an RV at a gas station on a cross country trip,” says a message on a GoFundMe page set up by Elizabeth Givens. “She’s still about 1500 miles short of making it home.  I would like to send Penny home, but her owner is unable to afford this trip at this point in time. Any help is appreciated.”

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 FOX 40 reports that the funds raised on the page will pay for a relative of Bishop to fly to Penny and then return to Sacramento with the cat.

“Penny is part of our family,” a tearful Bishop told FOX 40. “She’s a protector. It’s just a big thing for me and for our family for Penny to come home. And she traveled that far to get to someone to call me.”

To contribute to Penny’s traveling expenses, click here.

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