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January 09, 2012 07:30 PM

When Carrie Underwood saw two dogs on the median of an interstate highway between Oklahoma and Tennessee, she momentarily took the wheel from Jesus and pulled over.

The country star was driving home from a visit with her parents over the holidays when she saw the injured pups, she shared on her fan club blog. Concerned for their safety, she stopped and went to help the pair.

“I had Ace and Penny [Underwood’s own dogs] and a trunk full of luggage and presents in the SUV,” she wrote on Dec. 30. When one of the injured dogs started wagging her tail, Underwood hoisted the “limping” and “bloody” pup into the car. The other dog, sadly, had died. “My guess is that the dogs were thrown out of their car by their owners on the highway.”

Underwood took the pup, which she named Stella, to her emergency vet, got her groomed and proceeded to help find her a new home. On New Year’s day, she updated her fans with a progress report: Stella was getting house trained, recovering from her road rash and getting her teeth cleaned.

“She follows me around from room to room,” Underwood wrote. “She’s the best Lab I’ve ever been around!”

A third post about Stella came just a day later, when Underwood shared that she’d had to say goodbye to her new pal. Neighbors from down the street had adopted Stella and said Underwood could visit now and then.

“I cried when she walked out the door,” Underwood wrote. “[Husband Mike Fisher] told me not to be a crazy ex-girlfriend about it and stalk them … I can’t help it! She deserves the best life ever!”

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