Joy Guffy/Yellowstone NPS/Twitter
Kelli Bender
May 30, 2017 03:06 PM

You never mess with a mom.

Moms with threatened children have been known to lift cars, and as it turns out, even fight coyotes.

Ranger Joy Guffy captured an awe-inspiring moment of nature at Yellowstone National Park, which the park was kind enough to share on its official Twitter account.

In her series of photos, a lone coyote is shown approaching a mother bison and the helpless calf she gave birth to shortly before.

Joy Guffy/Yellowstone NPS/Twitter

Seeing what it thinks is easy prey, the coyote closes in to grab the baby bison and take off. But mom is not having it.

Joy Guffy/Yellowstone NPS/Twitter

Though she’s only been a mom for a few moments, this bison is ready to risk her life to save her child.

Joy Guffy/Yellowstone NPS/Twitter

The pictures show the massive animal standing up to a hungry coyote, hovering over her baby protectively and staring intimidatingly at the animal, until the predator finally retreats.

Joy Guffy/Yellowstone NPS/Twitter

Further proof that when it comes to Mother Nature, moms are king.

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