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Blind Dog and Her Guide, Once Ignored, Are Headed to Forever Home

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The staff at the Dogs Trust Shrewsbury in Roden, England, knew dogs Lily and Maddison were special – they just couldn’t understand why potential adopters didn’t see it.

“People just kept on walking past their kennel, not interested,” Dogs Trust spokeswoman Hannah Macey tells PEOPLE. “Some people were put off because of the fact that Lily doesn’t have any eyes – it’s a bit shocking to look at.”

A medical condition caused the Great Dane to lose both eyes when she was just 18 months old, and her beloved canine pal, also a Great Dane, has stuck by her ever since. Maddison acts as a guide dog, leading Lily by her leash or by barking so her friend can hear.

Sadly, the pair was given up by their previous owners in July, and Lily and Maddison have been awaiting a forever home. No one had given them a second look – until this past weekend.

The local newspaper Shropshire Star spotlighted Maddison’s amazing ability to guide her friend, usually with Lily’s nose touching the back of her pal’s tail as she leads the way. In just a few days, their story went global and the shelter was bombarded with requests for adoption from as far away as Argentina.

“Where before not one person came forward to give them a home, we’ve now got hundreds of people from across the world that want to take them in,” says Macey. “It looks like they possibly – not confirmed – may have found the right home and could be going home this weekend.”

As the shelter decides on the best place for them, the girls continue to keep each other company by cuddling and playing together. And even with all of the media attention, Maddison’s focus never waivers.

“Maddison has got quite a nervous temperament,” she says. “Her main focus is making sure that Lily is around her and OK.”

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