Kelli Bender
September 02, 2014 09:25 PM

This tiger cub is only 25 days old, but the squirmy cutie has already figured out how to work the camera.

The unnamed newborn joined in on an adorable photo shoot in Hangzhou, China, according to Pix 11. During the session, the cub tried to strike some ferocious poses, but turned out looking more darling than dangerous. The rare black tiger was also joined by a dog, who allowed the wild animal to nurse from her when needed.

While the cub lacks the normal splash of orange commonly found in its species, the tot is still all-tiger. The baby black tiger’s coloring is the result of a condition known as pseudo-melanism.

Some wildlife researchers believe black tigers are becoming more common due to inbreeding. Inbreeding among the dwindling number of tigers often weakens the animal’s genetics, leading to more abnormalities such as pseudo-melanism.

Luckily, aside from its unusual coat and celebrity aspirations, this photogenic cub appears to be as normal and healthy as his orange and black relatives.

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