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Biden Will Get a Second Dog From the Pound

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Animal activists were fuming a few weeks ago when the Vice President elect purchased a German shepherd puppy from a breeder, who was later cited for many violations, including inadequate sanitation.

But now Biden says that a shelter pup will soon join his household. “We’re going to have more than one puppy, we’ve always had two dogs,” Biden told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos. “We’re going to get a pound dog that my wife wants, hopefully a golden. Well no, we already have a pound cat, we’ve had pound animals in our house already, and so but it’s mainly companionship for the dog.”

Biden explained that he wanted the German shepherd because he’s had that breed of dog from the time he was a kid. “I’ve actually trained them and shown them in the past,” he says.

The new shepherd will be given a name this Christmas. “My granddaughters are going to make that clear on Christmas morning,” he says. “I gave it to them. They literally, my number two and three granddaughters … they’re really into this thing. So, I’ll know the dog’s name Christmas morning.”

Click here to watch the interview on ABC