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Bethenny Frankel: Cookie the Dog Is Baby Bryn's Cuddle Buddy!

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Bethenny Frankel says 10-week-old daughter Bryn finds comfort in her relationship with the family’s famous pooch, Cookie – in every way possible! “Cookie is a beanbag chair for Bryn. She lies with her on the bed, leaning on her like she’s a chair!” Frankel joked to in New York last week.

Does the new mom worry about letting Cookie and Bryn get too close? Not a chance. “Cookie loves Bryn, and is really calm around her,” she says.

Cookie, whose loud and sometimes physical protective nature has made her famous in her own right on Mom’s show, seems to know that Bryn is part of the family now. “Yes, Cookie can be ferocious, but only when threatened by people who she doesn’t recognize,” says Frankel. “She’s fabulous with Bryn, it’s too cute.”

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