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Beth Stern: I'm Becoming a Crazy Cat Lady

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It’s becoming an animal house for TV personality Beth Stern and her husband, America’s Got Talent judge Howard Stern.

“I’m turning into one of those crazy cat ladies,” Stern jokingly tells PEOPLE. “Right now my husband and I have four rescue cats from the North Shore Animal League and we will hopefully adopt a dog this summer. So we definitely have a full house of pets and I absolutely love it.”

Stern, the host of Nat Geo Wild’s new show Spoiled Rotten Pets, premiering on April 20, says she was “born with the love” for animals. In fact, her pets are her babies.

“I’m 40 and don’t plan on having children, so my cats are my kids,” Stern says. “I have this strong and unconditional love for them. Howard and I even speak to them in baby talk, and if they are sleeping with us, I won’t move because I don’t want to disturb them.”

No pet felt Stern’s love of spoiling more so than bulldog Bianca, who died last July.

“When we had Bianca, we would travel with her in the car and bulldogs don’t do well in heat. So my husband and I hate being cold, but when we would travel with [Bianca we’d] crank the AC up so high that the two of us would have icicles coming out of our nostrils, while she was in complete comfort,” Stern says. “We’d be driving and looking at each other and say, ‘Why did we get a bulldog?’ but we loved her so much.”

The pooch’s passing is still emotional for the couple, but her memory lives on.

“She was our first project together when Howard and I were dating,” Stern says. “We got her together. We had her for 10 and a half years. Everybody knew Bianca. She was the mayor of the Upper West Side She’s greatly missed.”