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Beth Ostrosky Stern: My Husband Talks to the Cat

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Beth Ostrosky Stern has long been a devoted mom to her 9½-year-old bulldog Bianca, but after welcoming two rescue cats into her home, she’s quickly become and equal opportunity animal adopter.

“Cats are so easy. I would definitely welcome more cats into the Stern household,” she told PEOPLE Pets.

The model, and wife of radio host Howard Stern, is now a proud mom to Walter and Apple, who were both adopted from the Northshore Animal League.

No one is happier about the new additions than husband Howard, who at first was protective of his bond with Bianca.

“My husband was like, ‘Sure, we can adopt cats, but you know, I love my dog,’” Ostrosky Stern says. “But I have to say he’s just as in love with these cats as he is with Bianca the bulldog, and they’ve really enriched our lives to the point of just complete bliss.”

Illustrating her point, Ostrosky Stern shared the time she overheard her husband and Apple having a conversation: “He said, ‘Apple, wouldn’t you like to show the people that dumped you off at the shelter where you live now? Don’t you want tell them to go eff themselves?’ It was adorable.”

Stern has a reason to feel that way. Before she arrived at her new forever home, Apple had been in bad shape.

“I asked for their worst-case scenario and they showed me this little cat that was pretty much bald, ¾ of her fur was licked off of her,” Ostrosky Stern says of Apple, who was abandoned at the shelter in an apple crate. “She must’ve been living in a horrible situation where she just spent all of her time over-grooming out of nervousness. I brought her home, and I’m happy to report a year later, she’s a fluffy, fat cat.”

The experience proved so positive, Ostrosky Stern brought home Walter as a “boyfriend” for Apple shortly after.

“She wasn’t thrilled with his arrival,” she says, “[but] they are now sleeping in bed together. It all worked out. We are one big happy family.”

Wanting to ensure fellow cat owners have as equally wonderful a relationship with their pets, Ostrosky Stern has teamed up with Arm & Hammer during the month of June, national Adopt-a-Cat Month, to emphasize the importance of tagging pets so they can be identified when they are lost, and keeping them indoors.

“I had two cats growing up that were indoor/outdoor and both of them died from being hit by a car,” she says. “One of them, she didn’t have an ID tag on, so someone just thought it was a stray cat I highly recommend to keep your cats indoors. Their lives end up a lot longer.”

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