Amy Jamieson
November 18, 2016 11:00 AM

This one has us shaking in our boots.

A 4-month-old kitten from Oldbury, Australia, did his owner a solid this week when he alerted him to a venomous snake hanging out in a shoe that he was about to put on.

The proud cat owner, named Ivan Mcnamara, tells WAtoday that he was playing Playstation on Tuesday when he spotted his kitty paying particular attention to something in his bedroom.

“I was pretty intent on my game, so I didn’t pay it much attention,” he said. (Lesson: always pay attention to your cat.)

But before he could take a look, WAtoday said McNamara’s girlfriend drove into his driveway, prompting him to go see her.

“I went to put on my shoes, and I noticed the cat was staring at it very, very intently — something didn’t look right about the situation,” he said. “I was trying to see what he could see … then I realized it was a snake.”

The slithering creature was clearly not up for pleasantries. “It had its body inside the shoe, and its head was in a strike position,” Mcnamara said. “Obviously because the cat was clawing and lunging at it.”

It was an infant tiger snake — a venomous snake that typically inhabits subtropical and temperate regions of Australia — and Mcnamara’s girlfriend posted a picture of it on Facebook (which is now burned into our brains forever).

Thankfully, even after the snake bolted (it got in through an open door), Mcnamara was able to snag it using his other shoe. He and his girlfriend put it in a container and later released it, WAtoday said.

It turns out this is the second time the couple has found a slithering snake at home.

“One day I was driving home from a delivery and my girlfriend called me in hysterics,” Mcnamara said. “We’ve got this leopard print blanket, and she went to pick it up and something moved on it — and she realized it was a snake.”

WAtoday said snakes in Perth, Australia, are more active now that the weather there is warmer.

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