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Beast Zuckerberg Herds Sheep for the First Time

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There’s nothing sheepish about this dog!

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan’s dog Beast held his own during a recent adventure on the farm.

“Dad took me to herd sheep for the very first time!” reads the caption of a photo posted on Beast’s Facebook page Monday. In it, the leashed dog seems to bark at three sheep that obeyed by scuttling away.

It’s no surprise that the 1-year-old puli, who walked Chan down the aisle on her wedding day May 19, is a natural shepherd: The Hungarian guard dog is known for herding sheep and other livestock.

Among the 14 photos shared on Facebook are shots of Beast “driving the sheep into the corner” of a pen and another of him sticking his tongue out while displaying a “herding stance.”

“I totally own those sheep,” reads another caption.

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