Saryn Chorney
June 29, 2017 05:14 PM

Want to see something otter-ly adorable? Of course you do!

According to the Vancouver Aquarium’s Facebook page, this little guy was rescued from the open waters off northern Vancouver Island on Sunday. He’s less than 1 month old, and some concerned members of the public found him swimming alone.


Currently he’s under 24-hour care at the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Centre and appears healthy, but needs constant supervision the same way he would from his natural mom. The little pup, who has not yet been named, is being looked after night and day — including feeding, bathing and grooming — by a team of dedicated staff and volunteers from the rescue center.

“After birth sea otters spend about six months with mom, nursing, being groomed by her and learning to forage and be a sea otter, so this little guy is still a fully dependent pup. He would not survive on his own, and we’re providing him with the care he needs right now,” says the Vancouver Aquarium in a comment on its Facebook page.

Since the pup is only 2 to 4 weeks old, he’ll be in capable hands for a while.

The aquarium also posted a follow-up message to the public:

“REMINDER: Distressed animals should be reported first rather than taken from the ocean. Once they’re removed from the wild, it’s impossible to determine if the mother is alive and if they could have been reunited, or if bringing them in was the appropriate action.

What to do if you see what appears to be a stranded marine mammal:
– Do not approach it, and keep pets away.
– Call the our Rescue Centre at 604.258.SEAL (7325)
– Do not move the animal unless instructed to do so.”


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