Alex Heigl
March 16, 2016 08:05 PM

*sobbing uncontrollably, pounding desk*

IZZY! *weeping*


one hour passes

Thanks for bearing with me. I can get a little worked up over stories of animal bravery, and Izzy here really did a number on me. The baby goat was born on a -25-degree day in Colorado and suffered two cases of frostbite, which eventually cost him both of his back legs.

And even though the ranch he was born to wanted to put him down, that was not to be Izzy’s fate. Enter Rory Clow, who adopted Izzy and nursed him through two leg amputations. The little guy gets around in a custom cart now, and will be fitted for prosthetics once he’s old enough. (Izzy has rewarded Clow’s dedicated by chewing on her necklace while she holds him.)

But the important thing to remember here is that Izzy is so adorable. So strong. And so, so brave.

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