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Aww! Orphaned Fox Cubs Get a New (Toy) Mom

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When a farmer in Surrey, England, discovered three orphaned fox cubs whimpering in a hole under his garden shed, he brought them into his home. Then, he gave them his 3-year-old daughter’s stuffed toy fox.

To his surprise, the cubs bonded to the toy, so much so that they wouldn’t go to sleep without the faux fox in their basket!

Now, the foxes (all four of them) are at Wildlife Aid, a sanctuary in Leatherhead, England, and the three live cubs are working on getting stronger so that they’ll someday be released into the wild.

In the meantime, they’re busy trying to give food to their “mum,” who even has a name. The orange-colored toy is named Flo after Florence Welch, the redheaded lead singer of British indie rock group Florence and the Machine.

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