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Aww! Abandoned Baby Monkey Finds a Cuddle Buddy

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This may be the cutest piggyback ride we’ve ever laid eyes on! Two-month-old Estela the spider monkey has been taking comfort in her stuffed pals (she has a team!) since she was rejected by her mother at birth on Jan. 17.

Keepers at the Melbourne Zoo have been tending to the teeny monkey around-the-clock, even sleeping next to her for night feedings, according to the Daily Mail.

“Keeping Estela alive has been a big challenge,” said Jess McKelson, a primate supervisor at the zoo. “She has had ups and downs over this time, with several infections that have been a real threat to her survival.”

All of that special attention from the zookeepers and her stuffed animal friends seems to be working: Estela has gained a pound since she came under their care.

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