Pennsylvania SPCA
Amy Jamieson
May 10, 2017 04:02 PM

If naming baby animals is your jam, it’s time to work some magic on this baby face.

At 2 a.m. on Sunday, the Pennsylvania SPCA welcomed a baby donkey and, just like April the giraffe’s adorable offspring, the organization is inviting the public to give him a name.

Staff and supporters have compiled a list of favorites — Lil’ Sebastian, Georgie, Van, J.R. (Romeo, Jr.), and Lucky — and they’re calling on you to cast your vote or to write in your own. Your $5 donation will raise funds for the baby’s medical care and automatically make you eligible for a chance to meet him and his mom, Sadie.

If a donkey delivery at an animal shelter has you doing a double take, here’s an explainer.

Pennsylvania SPCA

In January, the shelter’s humane law enforcement received a call on its cruelty hotline about a group of animals that were abandoned on a farm in Huntington County and left to fend for themselves. Officers responded, rescuing a cow, a goat, chickens, roosters, two beagles, and also donkeys Romeo and Sadie.

Sadie was pregnant, and, just like April the giraffe, cameras were installed in Sadie’s barn to monitor her 24/7.

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The baby boy arrived on Sunday, and, likely as a result of his mother’s neglect, the little guy has a few health complications. He will need supplemental feedings, and many more medical procedures, but the shelter is confident he’s going to be healthy — clearly, he’s already a tough guy.

“He’s a sassy boy and the cutest baby ever,” says nurse supervisor Alicia Royer in an email. “His birth was very quick, and within 30 minutes of his birth, he was already trying to stand!”

Adds Gillian Kocher, director of public relations and marketing: “The baby needed some blood transfusions, but is doing a lot better now. To help us cover his medical costs, we are asking for the public’s help naming the baby boy. We have a few choices, or you can write in your own, all for just a $5 donation!”

To cast your vote and help care for this cutie, visit the Pennsylvania SPCA’s website.

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