Josephs Legacy Rescue
Amy Jamieson
October 28, 2016 01:35 PM

Like so many other animal rescues strapped for time and money, Joseph’s Legacy Rescue just couldn’t take in anymore animals.

So friends and animals rescuers Tess Rhodus, Krista Snyder, and Cinda Lee, who work and have worked for the group, came together to help a feral cat named Dewey, who was found in Hamilton, Ohio, with a broken pelvis after being shot.

The three are dedicated to raising funds for the cat, who needs surgery to remove a bullet, bullet fragments and a staple, and needs to be cleared of organ damage. All About Pet Care of Middletown, Ohio, diagnosed him and has medicated him for comfort until enough money can be raised.

“Originally we all thought he had been hit by a car since he is on such a busy road. Unfortunately his X-rays showed someone had intentionally harmed him, it brought a new level of sadness to his story,” Snyder tells PEOPLE in an email. “He has shown his caregivers nothing but love. We are all hoping for a full recovery where he will have a new life indoors, never in reach of abuse again.”

Dewey, who is described as “very friendly,” was previously living at a cat colony at Rhodus’s brother’s house. As of Friday morning, Dewey was “not doing great,” according to Rhodus, who is caring for him and hoping they raise the funds in the next few days. “He’s still lovable and still purrs and wants me to love on his head,” she adds.

They are working as fast as they can to raise the funds necessary to save the cat’s life (Local news affiliate WLWT 5 first reported Dewey’s story). “Joseph’s Legacy had to stop intakes due to high medical bills, we take in abused and injured animals the most,” she says. “We are a foster-based rescue that relies solely on donations. Even when funds are low, we scramble to help every animal that needs us.”

Hours after this story was published, a fundraising page raised the $2,000 needed for the cat’s surgery (any additional money raised will pay off Joseph’s Legacy Rescue’s debt to veterinarians for other pets’ care).

“Despite how many critical animals we have, we find a way,” Snyder tells PEOPLE. “Cinda is our medical team leader. Tess helps with medical emergencies. I am the foster coordinator. There are many behind the scenes volunteers that have been helping too, we couldn’t let him lay on the streets. He needed a fighting chance.”

To donate to Dewey’s surgery, click here or call All About Pet Care at 513-424-1626.

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