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Animal D'Oh! Winston the Dog Is on Duck Patrol

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Duck, duck, dog?

When Vicki Gallo installed a bird bath in the front yard of her Fort Myers, Fla., home in 2008, her West Highland terrier was by her side to assume the role of watch dog.

“He helps mama with everything,” Gallo says of now 4-year-old Winston. “We built the whole bird bath out of different pieces of things.” Once they were finished, Winston climbed up beside it to “check the little duckies were okay,” and continued to stand guard even after Gallo went back indoors.

Though the family has since relocated to a new home with a new bird bath, Gallo says Winston still makes time to visit his fowl friends. “He likes to play with everything,” Gallo says. “Every now and then, whenever I go and fill it up with water, he comes and checks out the duckies.”

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