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Animal D'Oh!: Percy the Cat Falls Asleep at the Wheel!

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Doze alert! Somebody get this drowsy kitty a pick-me-up! Megan Assenmacher (firepikachu) took this picture of her cat Percy on the first day they met – she had just adopted him from an Iowa humane society and was taking him home on a 2-and-a-half hour car ride. The cuddly Maine Coon jumped on her lap at the shelter and never left!

Over a year later, Percy, also known as Pooper, is still “driving” with Assenmacher, though he now has a carrier to sit in. Assenmacher says she loves being able to pet Percy and calm him when he gets nervous.

When he’s not playing co-pilot, only-pet Percy loves staring at his water fountain. He gets “very concerned when you move it or clean it,” Assenmacher tells He also loves his Wet Food Mondays. Assenmacher says that Percy is just like a “nave toddler!”

Do you have a spectacularly silly picture of your pet? Upload it to your profile for a chance at Internet glory on PEOPLE Pets! We’ll be picking user pictures to highlight here and in the caption contest every week.

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