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Animal D'Oh! Kasey the Kitten Gets Packed Up

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When Rebecca Gregg’s kitten Kasey was put on bed rest by her veterinarian after suffering a fractured leg, Gregg came up with an ingenious idea to keep Kasey still.

“We still had this big box of peanuts,” she says. “I would put her in there and she would dig down and jump up.”

Rescued as a kitten in 2005 after Gregg and her family found her by the side of the road near their Vineland, N.J. home, Kasey, now 6, soon recovered from her injury. But not before Gregg’s daughter Stephanie could snap a photo of her peeking out from her cushioned new home to say hello.

After being adopted, Kasey quickly adjusted to her new family, even developing a nightly ritual with Gregg’s brother.

“My daughter had little play Matchbox cars, and my brother and Kasey would pass them back and forth [from under his shut bedroom door],” she says. “If he went away, Kasey would always leave presents for him under the door; the little cars that they used to play with.”

Since then, Gregg and her family have adopted eight more cats that they’ve discovered near their home, but Kasey will always hold a special place in Gregg’s heart.

“She was our very first one,” she says.

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