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June 09, 2010 06:00 PM

That Guadalajara poncho. Those frizzy locks. That unmistakable face. Augustino is a ringer for Ugly – oops, Pugly – Betty!

The 1-year-old may be a Chug (Chihuahua-pug mix) for 364 days of the year, but on Halloween last October, Gus put on his finest Suarez wig and impersonated Betty so impeccably that even the humans were fooled.

Gus, whose owner Monica Scott made his costume, went with Scott to her office as Pugly Betty on Halloween. He even had on a pair of glasses to really complete the outfit, but they didn’t work out as well as the other pieces (too constricting around the ears).

“The poncho was the perfect outfit because it felt free,” Scott tells “Everybody loved it and wanted to take pictures of him.”

Which Gus is happy to do, by the way, since he’s a dog that will pose with “anything, anywhere.” Scott travels frequently with the pooch, and her friends compare him to a traveling gnome.

The frequent flier loves walking and hiking, but don’t expect him to chase after other animals. He only wags his tail for humans!

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