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September 15, 2010 05:30 PM

What word can you make with the letters W, Y and S? This little C-A-T is intent on winning this game of Scrabble – too bad he can’t spell!

Where did 1-year-old Edgar get his love for the game? No one knows, but he’s been infatuated with it ever since he was a kitten.

“One day, he started shoving his face into the bag of letter pieces,” owner Michael O’Connell tells “He just kept pulling pieces out with his teeth, but he never could spell anything.”

O’Connell and his wife still play the word game, but they have to make sure to keep the board and the pieces out of Edgar’s reach, otherwise they risk surrendering the game to their cat.

“We can’t get him to stop once he gets into the bag,” O’Connell says. “He’ll see the little pieces and we have to get him to not play with them.”

When he isn’t rolling around in a Scrabble-induced haze, Edgar is a sweet, affectionate cat who can sometimes use his cuteness to manipulate his humans.

“He’s good at figuring out how to get to our soft spots,” O’Connell says. “He can read us pretty well.” Now if only he could figure out how to read Scrabble-approved words!

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