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Animal D'Oh! Chico the Kitten Takes a Juice Break

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When a cat is as curious and active as Chico, sometimes he needs a little something to quench his thirst. Chico found a much-needed drink in a pouch of Capri Sun he found on his favorite spot –the coffee table!

Well, almost. Chico didn’t quite get the drink he was looking for, since he doesn’t have suction capabilities, but his owner Maureen Rafferty was able to preserve a humorous moment for posterity.

“When he was a kitten, he would get into everything,” Rafferty tells “He was sniffing around the table and he happened to stick his mouth on the straw to bite it, and as soon as he did, I got the picture.”

Now 2 years old, Chico still gets into everything, and is still rather “nibbly,” Rafferty says. “Anytime there’s food in front of him, he eats. He will sit there in front of you and stare at you, waiting for you to give him something.” Despite his fondness for eating, Chico has managed to maintain a trim figure.

He takes his tiny self into boxes as often as he can, where he likes to get away from his housemate, another cat. If it’s a box-like structure and he can hide inside of it, Chico will hang out for hours.

“As soon as you open that container, he’ll let you shut it on him and he’ll stay in there,” Rafferty says. “He just lays there and is content to be away from everybody in his own little world.”

And if someone lifts the lid on the box before Chico is ready to come out? Rafferty knows the consequences firsthand. “He’ll look at me like, ‘How dare you disturb me?’”

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