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September 22, 2010 05:49 PM

Treadmill as clothes hanger? Not in Linda Peterson’s house. Even if she wasn’t always running on it, at the very least, her cat Nicki was going to burn some calories with it.

It all started when Peterson decided that the only way to really use her manual treadmill was to move it into her bedroom. One day, she walked in and found Nicki, not long out of her kitten stage, nosing around the exercise machine.

“After that, I started leaving my camera in my bedroom,” Peterson tells “I’m one of those crazy cat mamas that thinks everything my cats do is cute.”

The treadmill became one of Nicki’s favorite spots in the house (her sister cat wasn’t so interested), and Peterson says that her now 5-year-old pastel calico would work out on it daily.

“She would stretch up and reach for things, she would nap under the bottom – she was all over the thing,” Peterson says. “It was like a really high scratching post. She would lean up and pull on it, and she really pulled herself up to reach the handle.”

When Peterson donated her treadmill to someone else – she wasn’t using it much, and was in the middle of a move –she had to apologize to the new owners for the “completely pockmarked” handles. They didn’t mind the claw marks, but Nicki wasn’t so pleased.

“I think she was annoyed when I finally gave it away,” Peterson says. “Nicki was probably using the treadmill more than I was.”

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