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Amanda Seyfried's Dog Lands a Movie Role

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Amanda Seyfried has never been shy about her love of Australian shepherd Finn – just check out her Twitter! – and it seems people are noticing.

“Let’s talk about your dog. Now I love animals, everyone knows that I love animals. Your relationship with your dog is borderline,” Ellen DeGeneres tells the Epic actress during a Thursday appearance on her talk show.

“Oh yeah, I know,” responds Seyfried, 27. “He’s with me right now. He’s actually backstage. I really can’t go many places without him.”

No surprise here: Finn will soon be joining his mom on movie sets, too.

“I got him cast in his first movie,” Seyfried reveals. “I can’t really talk about his character, but it’s going to shoot in September. I’m really excited about it. He’s really excited about it.”

Noting that the Les Misérables star is also a pet parent to cats, DeGeneres presses to find out why Finn has such a special place in Seyfried’s heart.

“He cuddles with me and he listens to me, and he loves me and he looks at me all the time,” says the starlet, as DeGeneres displays Twitter photos of the pair on the big screen behind her. She adds: “I got to stop doing selfies with him.”