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Alyssa Milano Rescues Abused Dog from South Korea

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When Alyssa Milano heard the story of an abused and neglected Jindo-mix who had been raised for dog-meat slaughter in South Korea, she jumped at the chance to lend a paw.

“They contacted me and said that they were trying to get that dog over here, and would I be willing to help, support, fund, whatever? And I said, ‘Of course!’ ” Milano told PEOPLE at Audi’s Golden Globes Awards celebration on Thursday in Los Angeles. “It took a while to get her here.”

When the pooch-in-need, Bomi, was found in April 2013 by South Korean animal rescue organization CARE, she was tied to a pole and covered with sores. Her puppies were found frozen in the dirt. CARE contacted Santa Monica-based organization The Fuzzy Pet Foundation for help, and rescue workers knew just the supporter to call: Milano.

Milano, who has 10 rescue horses and four dogs of her own (not to mention a 2-year-old son Milo with husband David Bugliari), helped arrange Bomi’s flight to Los Angeles. There, she received top-notch veterinarian care and learned to trust people again.

“She’s in a foster home, she’s completely cleaned up, all of her skin infections are gone, she’s happy, she has doggy playdates, and she gets along with everyone,” Milano said. “It’s pretty miraculous!”