Sydney Berger
July 16, 2011 11:00 AM

When it comes to her 2½-year-old daughter, Anja, Victoria’s Secret model Alessandra Ambrésio isn’t sparing any indulgences. But she drew the line at a pet seal.

During a recent trip to New York’s Central Park Zoo, Anja spotted something she liked right away.

“The first animal we saw was the seal,” Ambrésio, 30, told PEOPLE at the Victoria Secret Supermodel Cycle for Pelotonia at SoulCycle on Wednesday. “She was like, ‘Mommy, can you buy one for me? I want a little one for the house!’”

Ambrésio tried to let her down easy. “[I told her,] ‘No, we can look at them. We can’t have them at home.’”

It didn’t all end in disappointment for Anja, however. Ambrésio and her fiancé, Jamie Mazur, gave their daughter a more manageable pet.

“Lola – she’s a teacup Maltese,” Ambrésio explains. She’s very tiny and adorable. My daughter loves her.”

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