Amy Jamieson
September 24, 2012 08:00 PM

No one is more surprised about Al Roker’s new puppy than Al Roker himself.

The Today show coanchor recently adopted a 10-week-old female rescue dog named Pepper, but still can’t believe that the shaggy dog is actually his.

“This is the kind of dog I used to make fun of … not a real dog. And swore we wouldn’t get one,” he Tweeted Monday with a collage of photos featuring the black-and-white pup. “God works in mysterious ways.”

Although she isn’t what Roker imagined himself owning, Pepper is officially part of his family, which includes his wife, 20/20 reporter Deborah Roberts, and their kids Nicholas, 10, and Leila, 13.

“Say hello Pepper, our newest Roker,” he wrote on Twitter. “She’s a rescue pup from Main Line Animal Rescue.”

The shelter, located in Chester Springs, Pa., frequently saves puppy mill dogs, and gained national attention in 2008 when Oprah Winfrey featured it on her talk show.

Bill Smith, the founder of the rescue, tells PEOPLE that the Roker family did their research before adopting Pepper. “Like all responsible pet owners,” he says, “the Rokers considered which shelter dog would do best in their home.”

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