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Kelli Bender
December 06, 2017 05:43 PM

Not all who wander are lost, especially if they have a friend roaming with them.

After spending some time traveling solo, Henry the Colorado Dog now has a furry camping companion: Baloo the Kitten.

Both of these adventurous angels belong to Cynthia Bennett, a Colorado nature lover who also adores documenting her pets’ astounding wanderings on Instagram. And Instagrammers love them, too: Henry and Baloo have more than 169,000 followers.

The account started after Bennett adopted Henry from the Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue three years ago.

“I had my eyes set on a golden mix puppy, but when I saw the lanky Henry sitting there I had to see him. When we got into the pen with him, he immediately climbed into my lap and went belly up. It was then I knew that we were taking him home!” Bennett told PEOPLE. 

Henry The Colorado Dog/Instagram

Baloo also charmed his way into this family, Bennett admitted. “Baloo convinced me to bring him home in under a minute. He was super playful and curious and the biggest love bug!”

Henry The Colorado Dog/Instagram

The kitten is only 5 months old, but he is already joining 3-year-old Henry on big adventures out in the Colorado wilderness and beyond. The pair’s “get to know you” period was brief — shockingly brief.

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Henry The Colorado Dog/Instagram

“They are the best of friends! They do everything together, eat, sleep, hike and have become inseparable. It took only one day of them getting used to each other and then they started immediately snuggling and playing! It happened so quickly!” Bennett, who is overjoyed to see her animal explorers hit it off, said. 

Henry The Colorado Dog/Instagram

For now, along with having a beautiful friendship, the adorable duo also has a teacher-student relationship, with Baloo looking to Henry for cues on how to hike, camp and nap like a pro. But Bennett feels it won’t be long before the student becomes the master and Baloo starts bossing Henry around.

Until then, Baloo is content sharing a dog bed with his brother and accompanying him on absolutely every walk.

Henry The Colorado Dog/Instagram

“Ever since I took him on his first walk, he’s absolutely fallen in love with the outdoors!” Bennett said of Baloo. “As soon as we touch Henry’s leash Baloo runs over and starts crying, demanding to come too! He’s not a cat we can leave home on the weekends alone.”

Henry The Colorado Dog/Instagram

It can seem unreal that a feline would enjoy high-altitude hikes or romps through the sand dunes, but Bennett assures that the pussycat with the right personality can thrive as an adventure cat, and still be a “cuddle puddle” indoors.

Henry The Colorado Dog/Instagram

Now that Baloo has proved he has the camping chops, Bennett is looking forward to taking her furry brood winter camping this season.

You can keep up with every trek and pawstep Baloo and Henry take on their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

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