Kelli Bender
February 19, 2015 02:15 PM

The mad geniuses at Super-Fan Builds understand your pop culture obsessions and only want to nourish them.

On each episode of Break’s YouTube show, expert prop makers turn a fan’s extreme dream into a beautiful, perfectly built reality.

On Monday, the prop masters produced a true piece of architectural artistry, crafting a cozy dog house for Up aficionado Steve Minty’s dog, Dug (of course).

Using the lead character Carl’s house as a guide, the team created a mini replica of the brightly colored abode, complete with 2,900 individually placed shingles and oodles of hand-molded balloons. To complete the project, Super-Fan Builds placed the dog house atop a hidden base, creating the illusion that the whole structure was afloat.

This is one pooch palace ready for some seriously great adventures.

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