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Adopt Us! Orphan Cats Jethro and Ellie May Are Big Flirts

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For every pet living with a happy family, there is an animal in a shelter waiting to find a loving home. So today, we’d like you to meet Jethro and Ellie May, two best buddies who were abandoned, but are now looking for love.

The Canadian kitties, estimated to be 6 years old, were abandoned by their previous owners, who left them behind when they moved away. Neighbors called the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue, and workers humanely trapped them and brought them to a foster home. “When they were found, they were shy and distrustful of humans, telltale signs of the rough life they may have had before we found them,” says volunteer Gina Rino. “But since then, they have come a long way, learning to trust humans again.” Jethro loves to curl up with humans and purr, while shyer kitty Ellie May likes to give wet noses kisses in the mornings. “She is quite the flirt,” jokes Rino. “She will meow for affection, especially if she sees Jethro getting attention.” The two healthy indoor cats would do best in a home without dogs or small children.

Founded in 2002, VOKRA was formed with the intent of caring for motherless kittens. Since then, its reach has expanded, and in 2009 alone they rescued and cared for more than 1,000 cats thanks to their network of 100 foster homes. Using foster families protects the very young from colds, distemper, ringworm and other contagious diseases. In a home environment, kittens are safe and well socialized, with lots of love and attention.

VOKRA is currently in desperate need of donations in order to stay open. Please visit their Web site, and consider making a holiday contribution to help.

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