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Adopt Me! Sweethearts Sammie & Sye Are So Happy Together

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It’s Adopt-a-Shelter Dog Month, and we’ll be introducing you to extraordinary canines who need homes throughout October. Today, we’d like you to meet Sammie and Sye, two best friends who need to be adopted together.

Sammie and Sye came to the Last Hope Animal Rescue of Shellsburg, Iowa, a year and a half ago after their owner left them behind during a move. “The neighbors heard them barking and contacted the local sheriff, the sheriff contacted the landlord,” says Sonia Brandley, a founding member of the rescue. “It was almost a week by the time they got out of the apartment.”

Even more heartbreaking, the pair had to be separated because the local animal shelter didn’t have enough room for them both. “I got a phone call that they were full and needed some help,” says Brandley. “I’m a sucker for black dogs, being the ones that get euthanized a lot, so I went and pulled Sye.”

Turns out the 4-year-old Akita mix couldn’t function without her friend. “She wouldn’t eat, so I called back to the Vinton shelter and I was like, ‘Is that shepherd that she came in with still there?’ They were like, ‘She’s not doing very good without Sye,’” she recalls.

Brandley found a way to make room to foster both dogs, and while they are still looking for a forever home more than a year later, they couldn’t be happier that they’ve still got each other. The sweet duo is very well-trained, friendly with other dogs and easy to walk on a leash. “Someone with a bad back could even walk both of them,” she says. “I walk both of them and I broke my back ten years ago.”

They love car rides and chilling on the couch in front of the TV, if you’ll allow them, but they are perfectly happy on the floor on a dog bed, too. Because she’s older, 7-year-old shepherd mix Sammie has a tougher time with stairs, but Sye will always be there to help.

“I think she’s got sore hips,” she says. “Sye would go up steps and stand at the top of the steps and look at Sammie, then would run back downstairs and sleep with Sammie downstairs versus going up and sleeping with the family.”

If you have room in your heart to love two great dogs, contact the Last Hope Animal Rescue at In July, the rescue group’s shelter lost its roof and suffered other damage in high winds, click here to learn how you can help them rebuild.

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