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Adopt Me! Shy Cat Mystery Could Show His True Colors to You

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It’s Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat month and in honor of the wonderful rescue cats out there, we’re introducing you to pets-in-waiting all throughout June. Today, we’d like you to meet Mystery, a handsome boy living at the Harvest Hills Animal Shelter in Fryeburg, Maine.

Like his name implies, Mystery is an interesting cat. “The way he looks at you,” says kennel technician Genie Blodgett, “he’s not afraid but he’ll shy away a bit. Trying to get to know him has been very difficult. He’s very mysterious.”

While some cats reveal their true colors almost instantly, it’s definitely been slowgoing with this 4-year-old who’s been at the shelter for almost two years. “When people come in they think he’s beautiful, but he’ll say, ‘I’m not interested in you’ and turn away. There are people he likes and some he doesn’t like.”

While he’s never shown aggression towards anyone, it’s clear Mystery has a test that humans must pass to be his friend. Cat friend requests, however, are immediately accepted. “He gets along quite well with other cats, ” she says. “We do find him shacked up in the cat hammock with some of the girls. He also likes male companionship, it’s a guy thing.”

Litterbox trained and talkative with people he likes, Mystery would make a great addition to a home with other felines. “He’s never been mean or nasty,” she adds. “Just getting to know him has been slow.”

If you think you’ll make a connection with Mystery, contact the shelter at 207-935-4358.

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Adopting a pet is an amazing experience – and a big decision! Before bringing a pet into your home, it’s important to consider your family circumstances and do your research.