Amy Jamieson
October 14, 2016 03:29 PM

The details are tough to bear, but it’s stories like this that powerfully illustrate the problem of animal neglect and abuse.

A cocker spaniel found recently in Wyandotte, Michigan, had fur so filthy and matted that he couldn’t move his back legs. According to a Facebook post from the 313 K9 & Kitty Rescue, the poor pup had an ear infection so bad that it could be smelled from some distance away, and the veterinarian discovered maggots inside.

WJBK News, who exposed the horrific abuse in a story, spoke to the rescuers involved, who said they couldn’t stop crying about Harvey, as he’s now being called (they were unable to determine his sex at first because of the matted hair).

“We bawled the entire day and afterwards, all night. Couldn’t sleep. It’s horrific,” Shawn Waeghe of 313 K9 & Kitty Rescue, told the station, as the sweet-looking pup sat quietly beside her.

A choke chain was also embedded in Harvey’s neck, leading the group to believe he was once someone’s pet. “If you recognize this dog PLEASE contact us so we can start prosecution of the owners,” the Facebook post says. “Found near Eureka & Fort street in Wyandotte. But may have been dumped.”

An update said that vets determined he has a massive tumor inside his ear and that the entire canal will need to be completely removed. A YouCaring page has been set up to help pay for his treatment and it has raised over $2,400 so far. To donate to the Harvey’s care, click here.

Waeghe and fellow rescuer Jennesse White told WJBK News the pup hadn’t growled or cried at all as professionals accessed his situation.

“He’s going to be a great dog,” White said. “He’s going to be very loyal because I think he’s been through such a hard time, [and so] whoever does adopts him, he’s going to love a lot.”

See updates about Harvey’s progress on the 313 K9 & Kitty Rescue Facebook page.

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