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October 12, 2012 01:00 PM

Candidates, take a lesson from Kitty the cat and Buttons the dog: There are ways to sort through differences.

The kitten and puppy, both residents at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in Old Windsor, England, have since have become BFFs – best furry friends! – as they await their forever homes.

The unlikely duo play together, eat together and even sleep together, according to a press release from the rescue. Nurses decided to jointly hand-rear the little ones: Buttons, a 4-week-old Jack Russell terrier, was separated from her mom (who gave birth at the rescue) because, as the runt of the litter, she was struggling during feeding time. Kitty, now 4 weeks old, arrived at the center after a passerby found her abandoned by her mother at 1 week old.

“Normally, we’d hand-rear puppies and kittens separately, but we thought we could try putting them together as they are both so young,” said Battersea veterinary nurse Sascha Taylor. “Luckily it’s paid off as they adore being with each other and do everything together. It’s really very sweet.”

Sweet – but not easy. To hand-rear the feline-canine cuties, Taylor feeds them every two hours, even through the night.

“But it’s totally worth it,” Taylor adds. “We’re not sure if they’ll be re-homed together, though it would be great if they did.”

Click here for more information about taking home Buttons and Kitty.

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