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8 Photos that Prove Kittens Are Just as Emoji-Crazed as Us


It’s time for a new era of kitten photography. For far too long, fluffy feline starlets have been confined to garden flower pots and baskets. Canadian photographer and Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA) foster ‘paw’rent, Tania Hennessy is creating a new way to raise awareness for shelter cats.

With the internet’s obsession for cats, it may be a shock to some, to know that millions of them enter shelters each year. Hennessy has created a fun and playful photo series highlighting pop culture’s 2 favorite things: cats and emojis.

Tania Hennessy

Her pastel creations feature foster kittens from VOKRA, a volunteer rescue, with more than 350 individual foster homes. They are meticulously edited to purrfection and  blended with our favorite emojis.

Tania Hennessy

For years, purebreds have dominated kitten photography. Now, thanks to Hennessy, tabbies and other mixes have the spotlight. Her series proves that rescue pets are just as cute and worthy of our attention.

Tania Hennessy

The series highlights a diverse range of kittens; from tabbies to tuxedos, and kittens with extra fingers and toes and those with disabilities.  All the kittens featured in the series are homeless and abandoned kittens rescued by the VOKRA.

Tania Hennessy

The series is ongoing as new emojis and new kittens continue to pop up.

Tania Hennessy

“There are still far too many homeless pets out there, and I’ll have models to photograph as long as there are kittens in need of VOKRA’s help,” says Hennessy.

Tania Hennessy

Hennessy’s goal with the series is to evoke delight but also to encourage people to adopt and give shelter animals a second chance at a new life.

Tania Hennessy

If you would like to bring an emoji kitten home, but cannot adopt, Hennessy has collectible fine art prints, each one-of-a-kind, available for sale on her website. You can also catch more of her work on Facebook and Instagram.