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7 Photos of Pets Then & Now That Will Melt Your Heart

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Remember when your cat was just a ball of fluff that fit into the palm of your hand? Or when your puppy unwittingly did floppy somersaults because he hadn’t grown into his massive feet?

Until we can figure out how to bottle up all that painfully cute youth and sniff it whenever we’re having a bad day, here’s the next best thing: 7 then-and-now photos of cats and dogs.

The shots of pets with their owners young and then old makes us crack the goofiest smile – and then swim in a pool of tears under our desks. Whoever decided that pets have to get old should be forced to watch Lassie reruns for the rest of their lives.

Four years
My pup and me, four years apart

Seven months

14 years

Six months

One year

Three years