Kelli Bender
May 09, 2017 03:20 PM

Sixty eight dogs are learning what it means to be clean and well cared for.

The canines, which include several puppies, were pulled from filthy conditions in a barn on the property of a home in Center Township, Indiana, reports the Chicago Tribune. Authorities searched the property after receiving a complaint from a neighbor about the dogs being kept in the barn.

All together 24 American bulldogs, 26 French bulldogs, three English bulldogs, 13 Leonbergers and two pit bulls were pulled from the barn, along with three goats and a miniature horse.

According to the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, charges are pending against the homeowner for running an illegal animal breeding operation.

Sheriff John Buncich told they could find no breeding license for the homeowner. Authorities did find medical equipment with the dogs and also discovered that at least 11 of the dogs had been given C-sections. The remains of several canines were also found buried near the barn where the dogs were being held.

All of the animals pulled from the home were moved to Lake County Adoption Center. The large influx of animals put a strain on the shelter, who has found quick relief thanks to the kindness of others.

Since the dogs arrived, the shelter has received an outpouring of donations, with animal lovers dropping off carloads of supplies, volunteering their time and giving generously to the GoFundMe set up to support the dogs. Groomers have also visited the shelter to offer their services pro bono to the dogs recovered from the raid, many of whom were covered in feces and matted fur.

Along with helping the dogs, many are interested in adopting one of the neglected pets, overwhelming the shelter with calls and emails. Since the dogs are considered part of a criminal investigation they are not currently available for adoption or fostering. The shelter said on Facebook it will post a message on the page when the dogs are available for adoption and will not be taking any requests to hold the animals.




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