Kelli Bender
March 22, 2016 04:00 PM

Based on their behavior, you would think snakes, deep down, want to be birds, because these reptiles keep finding ways to fly.

On Sunday, the passengers of Ravn Alaska flight 7133 received an alarming overhead message from their pilot 15 minutes after take off: a snake was loose on the plane. 

According to KTVA, after a brief panic the 5-foot reptile was found coiled up behind a boy’s seat. A brave flight attendant, used to dealing with a different breed of unruly passenger, wrangled the snake and placed it in a bag where it rode out the rest of the flight in safety.

A spokesperson for the airline confirmed what the pictures show and said that the snake ended up on the plane because a human passenger violated the airlines rules and brought the pet in their carry on luggage.

“For the purpose of preserving cabin safety for the greater traveling public, Ravn Alaska prohibits all rodents, ferrets, reptiles, snakes, insects or any type of venomous or poisonous creature from being used as an emotional support animal” Ravn Alaska spokesperson William Walsh wrote in an statement

While, as a state, Alaska doesn’t have much experience with snakes, the reptile plagued crew of flight 7133 handled the incident like pros, landing the plane in Anchorage on time with all humans and snakes unharmed.

Snakes Strike Again … and again … and again

Snake-fearing passengers of an Aeromexico flight learned their fears were rational and well-founded, when a green snake of some variety dropped from the ceiling of the plane into the cabin mid-flight.

I wish I could say this is the first time a curious snake has shown up in a shocking place, frightening all cursed to look upon it — but it is not.

Turns out these reptiles have a long rap sheet when it comes to trespassing, showing up in many places where they just shouldn’t be.

If you suffer from Ophidiophobia, it may be time to slither your way out of this post while the rest of us put on a brave face and press on.

Snake on Plane Causes Emergency Landing 

Sound familiar? Our Sunday snake is far from the first reptile to turn Snakes on a Plane into a reality. In December of 2012, an Egyptian cobra was snuck onto an Egypt Air flight by a passenger. The scaly stowaway eventually got sick of hiding, bit the man who brought him on and escaped into the cabin.

The Eternal Struggle of Snake and Beer Can 

These animals have a complicated history with ale. Numerous snakes get caught in beer cans each year because of their scales. Since snake scales only run forwards, they allow snakes to easily slide into cans to investigate, but make it very hard for snakes to slither out. One who recently found himself betrayed by his body is this red-bellied snake in Australia, who was thankfully rescued by a group of concerned citizens and snake handlers. 

Python in the Potty

Can you name a worse place to spy a snake than hanging from the ceiling of your plane? How about nestled in your toilet bowl? This was the fate of one Thai man who was surprised by a 10-foot python that slithered into his toilet and bit his genitals back in May.

Hiss, Hiss, Hiss! Merry Christmas

In 2011, an Indiana family awoke to the gift of a snake in their Christmas tree. Thinking the snake was a fake toy at first, dad was shocked to find it was the real deal and called the fire department for help. While firefighters didn’t believe the report could be real at first, they did eventually help the family with their festive pest problem.

Snake in a Sandbox

Unexpected snake sightings don’t have to be scary! Take this tiny little guy, who surprised us all by popping out of a sandbox, and looking pretty darn adorable while doing so.

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