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20 Animals Who Are Going Bonkers Over Snowstorm Niko



Snowstrom Niko has been steadily dropping flakes across the northeast since early Thursday morning. At midday, Niko shows no signs of letting up, which means many major cities such as New York and Boston are expecting up to a foot of snow or more.

While this is an inconvenience for all us commuters out there, animals are loving the change in the forecast. Sidewalks, lawns and porches are being taken over across the East Coast by eager cats, dogs, squirrels and more, who have been waiting for a chance to pounce on a snow day.

Owners who are also enjoying a work day at home are documenting their pets’ forays into the tundra on social media — with some furry friends encountering snow for the first time — giving those of us indoors a taste of what it’s like outside.

So bundle up and clear your schedule, because today is all about frolicking with Niko.

#SnowDay with @rylee_the_berner

A post shared by Joanne (@jogorz) on

I feel like I'm retired: I was tired yesterday and I'm tired today, again. #🍪adaykeepsthesadnessaway

A post shared by food. fluff. life. (@ps.ny) on

Winter is such an inconvenience for corgi's #winter #dog #snow #corgi

A post shared by Dustin Warzecho (@dwarzecho) on

I'm such a sensitive #raggle I have to wear these snow booties. #dogsofinsta #snowday #beaglemix

A post shared by Tes Granlund Heaslip (@ch1m3) on