Kelli Bender
June 01, 2017 04:30 PM

Memorial Day Weekend was our first taste of one of the Summer’s most glorious gifts: pool season.

It’s refreshing, relaxing and exhilarating all at once. It’s almost like a state of mind.

Pets eagerly await the moment the pool cover comes off, too. It means more time outside, delicious dunks and more fun people coming over to hang out and give them oodles of attention.

Just like us, they are polishing up their doggie paddles and breaking out their best pool floats to get ready for the most sun-tastic time of the year. And it’s not just dogs, even a few cats are daring enough to dive in.

Time to work on that base tan

And take the plunge!

Because it’s finally pool season

Size doesn’t matter, as long as you’re having fun

Don’t worry if you need to take a few practice strokes before diving in

Just remember to swim safely

And invite your friends

Because a pool party of one just isn’t as fun

So get excited

Because you have a whole Summer of chilling poolside ahead of you

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