Steve Helling
December 24, 2016 10:25 AM

Brandon Jenner is getting personal in his new music video.

In the title track to his debut solo effort, Burning Ground, the singer/songwriter shares home videos from his childhood. Intimate without being exploitive, the sepia-toned memories give a glimpse into his formative years: trampolines, amusement parks and family hugs. The clips are interspersed with footage of an adult Jenner walking outside at twilight, a guitar on his back.

So what’s the message of the video? Jenner, 35, leaves it open to interpretation. “I think the video speaks for itself,” he tells PEOPLE.

While Burning Ground is his first solo EP, Jenner has a devoted following. He and his wife, Leah, have amassed scores of fans as the indie pop duo Brandon & Leah.

Jenner, the son of retired Olympian Caitlyn Jenner and actress Linda Thompson, includes footage of his famous relatives in the video. (There’s a cute sequence in which Caitlyn Jenner teaches him how to ride a bike.)

The video is the follow-up to “I Believe,” a hopeful song that Jenner released last month. The video, which included user-submitted photos and clips, emphasized the song’s upbeat lyrics about equality and peace.

The lyrics are very important to Jenner, who welcomed daughter Eva about 17 months ago.

“It’s something that I believe in my core anyway, but to have evidence that there are people all around the world are hoping for a peaceful world was just a really great, cathartic experience,” he told PEOPLE about the song. “I can’t wait for it to hopefully spread a little positivity into this world.”

Burning Ground is available now on iTunes or on Spotify.


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