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November 04, 2016 05:13 PM

Susan Boyle isn’t letting a few setbacks keep her from her fans.

The Scottish-born singer that wowed the world — and Simon Cowell — on The X Factor UK in 2009 is back with a new take on Christmas classics.

“I’m excited to be back, I’ve been away from the fans too long,” Boyle, 55, tells PEOPLE. “I’m back on track and feeling better. I’ve had a bit of a break but I’m back and I’m really excited.”

Some feared that her late-diagnosed Aspergers would have a negative effect on her career, and the singer worried fans in April following an outburst at London’s Heathrow airport. But Boyle is ready to move on and focus on her new “nostalgic” Christmas album.

Susan Boyle's Christmas album

“It’s just fantastic,” the singer says about recording holiday classics. “A Christmas album is special. It’s a special time of the year with the magic of Christmas.”

And the album even has a special virtual duet with the late Nat King Cole.

“I’m really excited to do a virtual duet with Nat King Cole on the single ‘When I Fall in Love,'” Boyle admits. “It’s a very romantic and festive song. I was a big fan of him.”

A Wonderful World is out Nov. 4.

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