Nicole Sands
June 22, 2017 04:40 PM

Nickelback band members Chad Kroeger and Ryan Peake were forced to put on their wise man hat to play a little game of ‘Confess Sesh’ with PEOPLE Now while promoting their national tour, which kicks off June 23 in Indiana.

Since the Canadian band’s start in 1995, the men of Nickelback have matured into major rockstars. However, when it comes to getting a glimpse of how famous they really are today, neither Kroeger nor Peake admitted to being the band mate who’s most likely to Google themselves.

“That’s a person questional,” Peake jokes, as both he and Kroeger claim it’s neither of them.

“Whatever you do with your Googling is your business,” Peake adds, making sure not expose neither of the other band mates, Daniel Adair or Mike Kroeger.

While admitting to Googling yourself could be a bit embarrassing, Kroeger found no harm in revealing his guilty pleasure in the shower.

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“I sing in the shower a lot,” Kroeger admits. “The reverb in the shower is great. Do you ever notice you just get a little Sinatra going and all of the sudden it’s just an echo chamber in there?”

“I’m gonna take your word for it because I really have no perspective,” Peake agrees of his band mate’s guilty pleasure. “Do you get like ‘My Way’ going on in there?”

And in light of the band’s ninth studio album Feed the Machine, which hit shelves on June 16, Peake reveals the massive techie who he sees keeping Nickelback on rotation on his pump-up playlist.

“I was gonna say Mark Zuckerberg,” Peake says to Kroeger. “I think he’s a closet fan.”

Zuckerberg must keep it pretty well hidden: in December he received flack for teasing the band in a YouTube video promoting his home A.I. assistant Jarvis.

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